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Clock-In…Clock-Out…Kill Myself: Generation Y Hates 9-5

31 Jan

This is what my morning usually looks like…

6:30am- Alarm clock goes off

6:31am-Look at my phone and think “No f*$%ing way”…hit snooze

6:50am- Second alarm goes off

7:15am-Realize I slept through the second alarm, realize that I have to be out of the house in 15 minutes, yell “F&$%”

7:25am- Somehow manage to get dressed and somewhat resemble a human being

7:30am-Turn on car only to find that I have no gas (always a wonderful start to the day)

8:20am-Arrive at work, 20 mins late, frustrated and exhausted

8:21am-Run to time clock, clock-in, machine reads “Kayla couldn’t get her ass out of  bed, 21 mins late, failure at life”

So that’s great. I get to work and already I’m in a bad mood and can’t breathe properly since I just ran from my car to my office. Now I’m forced to start working, but I can’t, because I’m starving. So I run to the cafeteria and grab an omelette so that I can actually function. By the time I actually start working, it’s about 9am.

This is what my afternoon sometimes looks like…

I really don’t feel like working. Like, at all. But ok, fine, I’ll do something. My boss asks me to do a Progress Report for her. It takes me 2 hours. Done for the day. I really just want to read the news and all the blogs that I follow regularly. I want to go on Linked In… see if I actually know any of the “people I might know”. I want to plan my next vacation somewhere. Pretty much I want to do anything but answer those e-mails that keep coming in. So I doodle. I read up on the importance of social media. At least it looks like I’m working. But of course, the printer in our office is located right by my desk so the nosy people I work with keep walking past me and always feel the need to look at my screen. Yes, I’m reading Penelope Trunk, get over it.

This is what my night usually looks like…

Okay, I’m bored. Let me log into my work e-mail. Man, I feel like working. Gossip Girl is on commercial…let me answer some of these. An hour later, my inbox is cleared. So at the end of the day, I did work. I just didn’t do it all at my desk.

Who was the genius that decided we need to work 8-hour days? Apparently, he had no friends. Fortunately, it seems that with Gen Y in the workforce, this may change. As younger employees enter the workforce, they are finding themselves annoyed at  having to work these standard hours and employers are beginning to understand that they need to find ways to meet the demands for flexible working hours being created by these Gen Y-ers. Employers need to begin to focus on the quality of the tasks completed as opposed to the number of hours worked. They need to set goals for their employees and base their performance on whether or not those goals are reached. If an employee can complete a task in 3 hours and produce high quality work, isn’t that better than an employee who can complete that same task in 6 hours? Are we in fact promoting efficiency by requiring that all employees work a standard set of hours every week? Gen Y-ers want the freedom to set their hours. If they wake up late one day, they want to know that it’ll be okay to report to work at 10am, take lunch at noon, and finish their work throughout the day.

In her article, Erica Dhawan states, “Gen Y-ers don’t mind putting in long hours so long as we can choose those hours, particularly after a typical 9-5 workday”, which goes back to my argument that us Gen Y-ers are  not lazy. It will be interesting to see how employers incorporate this need for flexibility amongst new workers, while still ensuring that the goals of the organizations are met.

Do you think allowing flexible work hours will increase employee efficiency, or do you think that there is a need for structured hours in the work place?

When in the day are you typically most productive?


Generation Y Isn’t Lazy… We’re Just Bored Out of Our F-ing Minds

26 Jan

“Those who are quite satisfied sit still and do nothing; those who are not quite satisfied are the sole benefactors of the world.” – Walter Savage Landor

You see, the thing is I’m not a slacker. I’m really not. And it pisses me off when people assume that I am. It’s just that I don’t give, I can’t give, 100% to something that doesn’t interest me or when I’m not engaged.

I love being busy! I live for it. In my ideal job, I love it so much that I have to answer e-mails while taking a shower. While getting a pedicure, while in my car (STOPPED at a red light, of course) or even, (because my passion for my job goes beyond ALL things) while watching Gossip Girl!

I LOVE working. It’s what keeps me going. So I need a job that gives me that motivation to keep working.

At my first job, I did that for a bit. I helped coordinate community events and I loved it. I mean at the age of 20 I had my IPhone and laptop set up with my work e-mail. Not even my boss had her e-mail connected to her phone (which ended up in her resenting me to a certain extent).

Point is, I live for that non-stop always-have-something-to-do kind of job and right now, I don’t have that. I’m not engaged. I’m not motivated. Hands down, my boss isn’t using my talents to the company’s advantage. Instead, I’m bored out of my mind.

So I spend my day obsessed with my new-found love for blogging…while I eat my ice cream. I really won’t be surprised if I get a call from HR telling me I’m fired for using the Internet to read up on blogs. At least I’m not looking at porn…that should give me another week or two until they discover that they’ve been paying me to do nothing the past two weeks.

What makes things worse is that my co-workers think I’m lazy. Like really? These people that would NEVER work past 5pm, God forbid a weekend, they think I’M lazy? I’m not lazy, I’m BORED. There’s a difference. Nothing makes me more unhappy or less productive than not being challenged, than not being given the opportunity to fully utilize my talents.

You see, I want to find work that gives me purpose, that fuels me. That makes me okay with sleeping only 3 hours a night and losing weight because I don’t have time to eat. My job right now is fine. Anyone would kill to have it. But I want more. I’m not satisfied.

So that’s why I’ve decided to write. To build something. To create a place where young GenYers can share what they’ve learned with others. I’ll share advice with you that I’ve learned through both good and shitty things I’ve experienced and I hope you will too.

So tell me…

Have any of you ever felt this sense of boredom?

If you haven’t, what makes you love your job so much?

What can your bosses be doing better?

A Bit About Me, Just Your Typical Generation Y Girl

24 Jan

I learned at a very young age that life is a lot more difficult than we expect it to be, than what we are taught. For years we dread going to class and look forward to the day that we can be considered working adults. We’re taught or seem to believe that after we graduate from college everything will make sense, that things will be better. But for me, that’s not exactly what happened. Definitely not. Instead, I found myself questioning everything about my life. What I was doing. What I wanted.

So here I am today, 21 years old and lost. I don’t know a lot of things. But I do know that I like to talk, and that I like to write and I like to bitch about things that upset me (I call this being opinionated). I’ve only been in the workforce for a short time but let me just say that in that short time, I have witnessed some pretty terrible things. I’ve dealt with unethical management, poor leaders, age and gender discrimination, as well as a lovely case of sexual harassment. I’ve messed up a lot, made lots of mistakes. But I’m really thankful for them, all of them. I’ve learned a lot.

So to any HR people that read this and think that I’m just some annoying brat with lots of free time on her hands, read what I have to say before you decide that I’m clueless. Pay attention to the things that I have witnessed and the insight I have on the future of the workforce before you dismiss my thoughts due to the fact that I have not yet reached my 30th birthday. In case you haven’t noticed, there are some pretty incompetent people running even HR teams that are perhaps more than three times my age.

My wish is that this blog serves as a forum for young GenYers, many that are either working for the first time or soon to be transitioning from college to working life.  For those of you just entering the workforce, I hope you can learn something from my past experiences and that you can also help me communicate with those in leadership positions today. It’s my mission to let them know what we want and what we need from our work environment.

How do we want our futures to be? What makes us happy about going to work? What pisses us off? That’s what this is for.

I’m just a young girl trying to find my way through life, and my career is a huge part of that. I know that I’m not alone in this. So for all of you that are experiencing what-the- fuck-do-I-want-to-do-with-my-life/what-the-hell-did-I-get-myself-into moments, I hope this helps. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and welcome to Gen Y Girl.

– Kayla

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