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Why Smart Companies Are Using Gen Y and Embracing the Blogosphere

27 Aug

I’m going to get abducted and killed.

Those were the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I was contacted a few weeks ago by the Hilton Garden Inn in Anchorage, Alaska inviting me to stay at their hotel…

Completely free.

After calling a million people to make sure that I wasn’t the victim of some kind of scam, my butt was on a plane to Alaska.

To Alaska, really??? I’m from Florida. What the heck was I doing going to Alaska?

Now, if you follow my blog, you should know by this point that I’m a HUGE advocate of all things innovative. So I’d like to take a second and say that I have a newfound appreciation and much respect for HGI and all of their hotels because their top execs or whoever it is that’s calling the shots over there, well, they’re INNOVATIVE.

And I love that.

I was flown to Anchorage along with 10 other Gen Y/travel bloggers as a part of a targeted Press Trip. The purpose of the trip was to provide us with information about the Hilton Garden Inn and to let us experience the services that they provide. The trip was also intended to enhance the popularity of HGI among younger travelers, therefore moving away from the long-standing image that the HGI hotels are solely for business-related travels.

Gen Y LOVES to travel.

HGI gets it and is actively using that knowledge to their benefit.

Anyway, I had an amazing trip.

The Hilton Garden Inn was very welcoming and their staff was wonderful. It was obvious that at HGI, management truly emphasizes the importance of customer service and provides adequate training for all of their employees.

That, I appreciate.

The hotel had an indoor pool, an awesome gym, free wifi that let me answer all my e-mails (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS), and provided a free shuttle service to downtown Anchorage where we were able walk around and explore the town.

I found a new boyfriend.

I climbed a glacier.

And I got to see some breathtaking views.

I was beyond impressed with the ingenuity of HGI’s public relations/marketing strategy. HGI is certainly a company that understands the realm of social media and rather than resisting change, they have fully embraced innovation and used it to their advantage.

It’s smart and it makes sense.

By inviting a group of Gen Y bloggers to visit, they got people to talk about their trip, bringing light to the services that they provide.

I  mean, come on, even in the middle of climbing a glacier I was annoying my friends as I:

  • Tweeted
  • Checked in on Facebook
  • Posted pictures onto Facebook
  • Instagrammed

And so on, and so forth.

Point is, EVERYONE who doesn’t live under a rock knew that I was in Alaska and that I was staying at the Hilton Garden Inn.

That’s the new marketing, everyone.

And Gen Y is good at it.

When we’re doing something awesome, we want everyone to know about it.

Smart companies understand that.

Great job, HGI.


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How to Not Be Utterly Depressed About the Fact that Summer’s Over

20 Aug

Today’s a very sad day for a lot of people.

Look around you…People are not thrilled about the fact that it’s Monday.

But it’s not just any Monday.

For most of us, school has started.

Summer’s over.

Therefore, this is the worst day ever.

Goodbye, days of sleeping in until 2pm.

Goodbye, days of going to the beach and passing out drunk in the sand.

Goodbye, days where the biggest source of frustration is that moment when your remote control runs out of battery and you have to get up, out of bed, to change the channel.

It’s all over.

All the good stuff‘s over.

Life sucks.

Now I honestly haven’t had a real summer in quite some time since I’ve been doing this thing called working and going to school and having no life. But I can still remember feeling anxious about the school year beginning, trying to cram as much awesomeness into those last days of freedom.

You see, with the end of summer, there always came this inexplicable sense of dread.

But you know what? I don’t feel that way anymore. I actually seem to think that the end of summer is quite wonderful.

There’s a sense of promise that the school year brings.

So much yet to be accomplished.  

So rather than crying about the fact that summer’s over,  how about you embrace the sense of hope that comes from the beginning of fall?

I mean, what do you hope to accomplish this year?

Think about it.

Buy yourself a planner. Set your goals.

Now’s the time to do so.

The great thing about the end of summer is that you get a new start.

Maybe you royally screwed up last year.

Maybe you ended up with a 1.75 GPA last semester.

Maybe you graduated high school ranked 300/301.

Maybe you’ve just been a jerk to people lately.

That’s okay.

Because now you get a chance to make things better.

This semester, actually study.

This semester, really go to the gym.

This year, work on not being an a-hole to people.

Spend this season working non-stop to reach your goals.

And your life will be better.

Yes, the summer was awesome.

But the fall will be too.

Make sure of it.

Hey Gen Y, It’s Time to Be Tenacious

8 Aug

So I have a new favorite word, guys…


It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Tenacity (n.): The quality or state of being tenacious (Gee, thanks, Merriam-Webster dictionary, for nothing)

Tenacious (adj.): stubborn or persistent (Much better)

So why do I like this word so much? Why did I take the time to write a freaking post about just one single word?


Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to be tenacious.

As members of Gen Y, as Millennials, as young professionals, too many people will doubt us.

Too many people will want us to fail.

Too many people will tell us that we can’t.

But you know what?

We can accomplish so much if we’re stubborn.

We can accomplish so much if we’re persistent.

And really…

I’m sure you do too.

So don’t give up.

And don’t listen to people who shoot down your dreams.

We have the ability to make a difference. We have the ability to do amazing things.

So let’s do them.

Let’s be tenacious, and prove everyone wrong.

And when things don’t go exactly as planned, just remember…

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