5 Reasons Why This Twenty-Something LOVES Her New Job

6 Feb

Work Hard Have Fun No Drama I’ve been at my new job for 8 months now, and really… I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy-fast time has gone by. One minute I’m interviewing and BAM!!! Here I am almost a year into it. Taking this new job was a huge leap for me. For starters, I knew nothing about the industry. While most people being interviewed had years of experience doing the job at other companies… I. Had. Zero. But man was I willing to learn! People warned me. People told me the job would be terrible. People asked me if it was really something that I wanted to do. And although I didn’t know much, I knew that it was an exciting opportunity and that I needed a new challenge. 8 months later, I thank God every day that I made that jump. So to help explain exactly why I’m so happy, here are 5 reasons why THIS 20-something LOVES her new job…

  1. I’m Surrounded By People Who Are Willing to Teach Me

Like I said, I was a newbie. I accepted a job as a Contract Administrator in a large Supply Chain department and I didn’t even know what a backorder was. This could have been a total failure. But it wasn’t. And you know why? Because the people around me are really freaking awesome. Because from the minute I stepped foot in this department, my co-workers took me under their wings and they taught me everything they know. Because they were secure enough in their own abilities and talents that they didn’t feel threatened by the thought of sharing what they’ve learned over the years. And I’m eternally grateful for that.

  1. We’re Treated Like Adults

Imagine a workplace where you can go to the bathroom without your boss staring at his computer counting the number of minutes that you’re away from your desk. Imagine a workplace where you can go to work and if you need to leave to a doctor’s appointment or to pick up your sick kid, you can do that and no one gives you a hard time about it. We can do that here. After a really hectic morning we can go have a nice lunch off campus, come back to work, and we’re not looked down upon for taking a break. It’s kind of awesome. We’re treated like adults. And you might be thinking well yea, we should be treated like adults since that’s what we ARE, but you’d be surprised how absolutely rare this kind of work environment is. We’re treated like professionals and even though we may not be at our desks glued to our chairs every moment of every day, everyone knows that we’ll get the job done. We always do.

  1. Our Work/Play Balance is all Sorts of Fantastic

You can go to work, work super hard, and have fun doing it. It’s true, I promise! And although I’ve questioned this notion in the past, I swear on my life I’ve never had so much fun at work. And you might think okay… she’s a contract administrator…sounds kinda super lame and boring. But dude, we laugh and we joke and we have so much fun. And the best part about it is that even though we laugh and we have a good time, we’re still taken seriously because we produce excellent work. I don’t think you have to be miserable and serious all the time to be considered a professional. I think that you can work and play and play while you work. Because really, if you don’t, it’s so easy to go crazy.

  1. My Bosses Are Approachable, Nice Human Beings

It’s not something that I take for granted. My bosses are really one of a kind. They’re legit humans. Like… super- down- to -earth –real- people- who- have- feelings- and- know- that- I –have- feelings –and- so- they’re- nice- and- not- mean-and- they- don’t- scream- at- me- and- belittle- me- and- make- me- feel- like- I’m- stupid. In a nutshell. Do they do their jobs? Yes! Really well, in fact. Do they tell me when I’ve made a mistake and help me fix it? Yep. Do they provide guidance? All the time. But do they have huge egos? No. Do they walk around thinking they’re better than anyone? No. Do they scream and yell and embarrass their employees? Never. And that’s why I love working for them. They have an open door policy and we can talk to them about anything whenever we need to and we’re not scared of them, because they’re super cool. I mean, on what planet should we have to be scared of our bosses? How does that make us perform better? If you figure that out, let me know. But in the meantime, I’ll stick to working for bosses who really know how to lead.

  1. They Took A Chance on Me

I’m like 500% positive that there are people who would have never hired me for this position. There are managers who would have taken one look at my resume and would have thrown it in the trash simply because I didn’t have experience in this field. But my leadership took a chance on me. They decided that I had potential and that I could be taught, and so they were willing to invest in me. They were willing to give me a shot and by giving me that shot, I feel the need to prove to them every day that they made the right decision. I respect them so much for that, and I feel so lucky every day to be a part of this kick-ass team. Other stuff you might like:

9 Responses to “5 Reasons Why This Twenty-Something LOVES Her New Job”

  1. Tammy Davis February 6, 2015 at 1:51 pm #

    Love it! We’re a generation apart (as much as I hate to admit it) and our lives are following parallel lines, so I’m excited and intrigued to see the same events (sans the wedding planning) from your perspective. It reminds me that people aren’t all that different no matter where or when. That may be fodder for a blog post of my own soon!

    • Kayla Cruz February 6, 2015 at 5:43 pm #

      Yayyy, Tammy!! So happy for you too!

  2. Tina Del Buono, PMAC February 6, 2015 at 4:19 pm #

    So glad you have found a great job and an excellent work environment 🙂

    • Kayla Cruz February 6, 2015 at 5:42 pm #

      Thanks, Tina! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  3. Jeffrey Nyeboer February 6, 2015 at 8:08 pm #

    It is too bad that so many people think that there are generation gaps….or generation types, in general. I’ve met people who are immature and in their 60s and those who are mature in their teens. Wisdom, perspective, and insight comes in all ages.

    I work with people in their 20s and recently hired someone who is 68. We are all dedicated to our tasks at hand. There is no age difference when we work together.

    “We are treated like adults”. If you want someone to behave like an adult, treat them like an adult….no matter what age.

  4. Kelsey February 8, 2015 at 9:03 am #

    Congratulations on an awesome decision to pursue your dreams with all your might! I’m so glad that it’s going so well for you, and I hope it only continues to get better with time. It sounds like you’re in a great environment for growth, even though I have no idea what a Contract Administrator does! If it makes you feel like this, though, it must be pretty fantastic despite its imposing business-lingo name!

  5. Alicia Ogilvie February 8, 2015 at 1:19 pm #

    Congratulations! Your post is inspiring.


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