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Using Technology for Good

30 Jan

It used to be that we had to travel miles and miles to send a message.

Heck, people used to ride on horses for days to deliver a piece of paper (think about just how uncomfortable that must have been).

Smoke signals.


Messages in bottles.

But today we’re lucky enough to have this beautiful thing called the Internet.

Let’s face it…it’s where we get most of our information.

Yea, there’s a lot of pointless stuff on the Internet. There’s a lot of focus on celebrity gossip and drama.

But there’s also really important stuff too.

For example, I love it when I come across amazing social media efforts conducted by organizations like Rotary.

Rotary has put together an amazing campaign – End Polio Now.

They’ve put together live tweet sessions, Facebook posts, and they’ve even had a video contest.

And they’ve done all of this because they believe it’s important to share this information with the public. They want people to know that we’re so close to eradicating polio, and that Millennials could very possibly be the last generation to see this terrible disease.

Now some people might not like these campaigns. They might say, “But helloo…I have no money…I can’t donate to your cause! Stop pressuring me.”

And I get it…trust me. I’m a poor broke college girl too.

But guess what!

It only takes 60 cents to protect a child from this terrible disease.

That’s it… $0.60.You can’t even buy a soda these days with $0.60.

On top of that, the beauty of social media is that you can easily spread a message for others to see.

You can share information with just the press of a button.

And you know what makes that so awesome?

By sharing the message with others, even more people who have the ability to donate might just hear about that cause.

So you can tweet about your favorite celebrity’s new boyfriend, or you can tweet about something bigger.

And by doing that, you can make a difference.

As a Millennial, your voice does matter.

We’ve come a long way since the days of horse and buggy.

Information is at our fingertips.

So there’s no excuse.

We can keep using technology solely for entertainment, or we can take responsibility for making a difference.

Because we can and we should.

And we can use this technology for good.

<p><a href=”″>What will your generation be the last to see?</a> from <a href=”″>End Polio Now</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Join in, Share your Voice, and Donate. Let’s make history together.

  • Generate Social Media Buzz – Share the video with your social networks and help raise awareness that we are this close to making history.
  • Give Financially – Visit and make a donation. Just $0.60 can protect a child from the disease. Every $1 you donate to Rotary will be matched with $2 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, up to $35 million/year.

While this post has been sponsored by Rotary, I’m proud to serve as an ambassador for their End Polio Now campaign.

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Twentysomething Comparisonitis

7 Oct


They say one third of people in their twenties feel depressed.

I believe it, and this is why…

It seems that the society we live in today has somehow found a way to make sure that we compare every single aspect of our lives with that of other people.

It makes me kind of nauseous just thinking about it.

In our twenties, we’re paving our path, digging through dirt, figuring out which road we’d like to go down.

We’re discovering ourselves.

We’re discovering the world.

And that’s absolutely beautiful.

But is seems that every time we manage to achieve something great in our lives, we then feel the need to compare ourselves to other people.

We compare ourselves to coworkers. We compare ourselves to celebrities. We compare ourselves to that nerd we kind of knew in high school.

And you know what? That nerd is now a senior executive at a kick-ass  job. And that nerd is  getting married. And that nerd is having a baby. And that nerd is living in an awesome apartment. And that nerd is debt-free. And we know all of this because it’s plastered all over social media.

Suddenly, all the awesome stuff we’re doing doesn’t seem to matter all that much.

What matters, instead, is the fact that we’re not senior executives at a kick-ass job. And we’re not getting married. And we’re not having babies. And we don’t live in an awesome apartment and God knows we’re not debt-free.

A.K.A… life sucks….why me?

What did I do to deserve such a lame life?

Seem familiar?

If you say you haven’t felt this way, you’re probably lying. And that’s fine, I can’t force you to admit it… but we’ve all been there.

I’ve been there.

But we need to make a conscious effort to NOT be there.

Because when we compare ourselves to other people, the only things we see are the things we don’t have. 

And that’s a shame, because we should be saving our energy to focus on much more important things.

Instead of seeing the things we DON’T have, we need to focus on what we’ve accomplished. We need to focus on the good in our lives, and we need to be thankful for every bit of it. Then, we need to focus on our goals, on our dreams, on our next steps.

Not on the goals and dreams and next steps of other people.

So as you continue making the most of your twenties, make sure that you’re doing things for the right reasons.

Make sure that you’re saying “YES” to that job because you love it!

Not because you want everyone on Facebook to know that you have a job.

Make sure you’re getting married because you love someone.

Not because you want to post a picture of your 2 carat diamond to see how many likes you can get.

Make sure you’re having a baby because you’re ready.

Not because you’re tired of staying home with your cats while all your friends have mommy/baby play dates.

Focus on yourself.

Focus on your life.

Do things not so that the world can see, but so that you can know what you’re capable of.

So you can be sure of your worth.

Of your potential.

Do things so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamt of.

So that you can be happy.

Because you deserve that happiness.

You owe yourself that much.

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Leadership and Influence at All Levels

8 Jul

When you think of leadership, what comes to mind?

A senior manager?


A closet full of perfectly-tailored suits?

I guess the notion of leadership often coincides with this pretty crazy idea that leaders are always at the top.

Leaders are the ones who go to meetings…

Leaders are the ones who tell us what to do…

Leaders are the ones with fancy titles…

But really, it doesn’t work that way.

Because it’s simply just not true.

Leadership has absolutely nothing to do with position.

Leadership has nothing to do with age.

And because of that, leaders can be found at all levels.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that best leaders are the ones that don’t even realize that they’re leading.

They don’t have a corner office.

They don’t attend hundreds of meetings.

And they don’t wear the perfectly tailored suits.

But they DO want to make a difference.

And they inspire OTHERS to make a difference.

And because of their passion and determination, they’re successful.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m a huge fan of Rotary.

Because they believe that everyone can make a difference.

Through their youth programs that emphasize service and leadership, they focus on building the leaders of tomorrow.

And I think that’s really cool.

Because they acknowledge the fact that even young professionals can be leaders.

And they give young professionals the opportunity to make this world a better place.

Take Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign, for example.

We’re SO close to completely eradicating polio.

To date, Rotary and its partners have reduced polio cases by more than 99 percent worldwide and only 3 countries remain polio-endemic. 

Now, a 99 % reduction is huge! A 99% reduction is significant!

But it’s not 100%, so we’ve got more work to do.

Today’s young professionals have the chance to help finish this fight. Within the next five years, we can make history. We could possibly rid the world of the second disease ever to be eradicated and that, my friends, would be awesome. Because at the end of the day, by joining initiatives such as End Polio Now, and fighting for causes that we’re passionate about, we can all be leaders.

Fancy title, or not. So today, I’m being a leader.

I’m joining the World’s Biggest Commercial because I believe in the cause and it’s my way of making a small difference. I’m officially one of over 31,000 participants from 149 countries!



And now it’s your turn.

Find something that you believe in and fight hard for it.

Be a leader and make a positive impact.

Because the world needs good people and the world needs good leaders. And they’re not always on top, they’re at all levels.

YOU can make a difference, so get to it.  

Here’s How You Can Help:

  • Make History. Visit and take part in the World’s Biggest Commercial in a show of solidarity and raise awareness for the complete eradication of polio. People around the world are uploading their photo making a “this close” gesture to join the commercial, and sharing the news with their blogs and social networks to make sure that we finish the fight to eradicate this terrible—and completely preventable —disease.
  • Generate Social Media Buzz. Tweet using the hashtag #EndPolioNow and including the URL to help raise awareness.
  • Give Financially. Visit and make a donation. Just $.60 can protect a child from the disease. Every $1 you donate to Rotary will be matched with $2 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, up to $35 million/year.
  • Share the good news with your community. Inform your social circles that we are “this close” to ending polio, encourage them to join the World’s Biggest Commercial and make history, and share these actions items with them for ways in which they, too, can help.

While this post has been sponsored by Rotary, I’m proud to serve as an ambassador for their End Polio Now campaign.


Why Smart Companies Are Using Gen Y and Embracing the Blogosphere

27 Aug

I’m going to get abducted and killed.

Those were the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I was contacted a few weeks ago by the Hilton Garden Inn in Anchorage, Alaska inviting me to stay at their hotel…

Completely free.

After calling a million people to make sure that I wasn’t the victim of some kind of scam, my butt was on a plane to Alaska.

To Alaska, really??? I’m from Florida. What the heck was I doing going to Alaska?

Now, if you follow my blog, you should know by this point that I’m a HUGE advocate of all things innovative. So I’d like to take a second and say that I have a newfound appreciation and much respect for HGI and all of their hotels because their top execs or whoever it is that’s calling the shots over there, well, they’re INNOVATIVE.

And I love that.

I was flown to Anchorage along with 10 other Gen Y/travel bloggers as a part of a targeted Press Trip. The purpose of the trip was to provide us with information about the Hilton Garden Inn and to let us experience the services that they provide. The trip was also intended to enhance the popularity of HGI among younger travelers, therefore moving away from the long-standing image that the HGI hotels are solely for business-related travels.

Gen Y LOVES to travel.

HGI gets it and is actively using that knowledge to their benefit.

Anyway, I had an amazing trip.

The Hilton Garden Inn was very welcoming and their staff was wonderful. It was obvious that at HGI, management truly emphasizes the importance of customer service and provides adequate training for all of their employees.

That, I appreciate.

The hotel had an indoor pool, an awesome gym, free wifi that let me answer all my e-mails (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS), and provided a free shuttle service to downtown Anchorage where we were able walk around and explore the town.

I found a new boyfriend.

I climbed a glacier.

And I got to see some breathtaking views.

I was beyond impressed with the ingenuity of HGI’s public relations/marketing strategy. HGI is certainly a company that understands the realm of social media and rather than resisting change, they have fully embraced innovation and used it to their advantage.

It’s smart and it makes sense.

By inviting a group of Gen Y bloggers to visit, they got people to talk about their trip, bringing light to the services that they provide.

I  mean, come on, even in the middle of climbing a glacier I was annoying my friends as I:

  • Tweeted
  • Checked in on Facebook
  • Posted pictures onto Facebook
  • Instagrammed

And so on, and so forth.

Point is, EVERYONE who doesn’t live under a rock knew that I was in Alaska and that I was staying at the Hilton Garden Inn.

That’s the new marketing, everyone.

And Gen Y is good at it.

When we’re doing something awesome, we want everyone to know about it.

Smart companies understand that.

Great job, HGI.


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Social Media is Taking Over…Don’t Believe Me? Watch This Video.

20 Mar

Just watch this. It’s the best video I’ve seen to date regarding social media. If after watching this you still don’t understand the significance of social media and the need to embrace technology, you’re just dumb.  Ok, thanks 😀

No Excuse For Being Stupid: Learning via Internet & Social Media

14 Mar

Let me tell you something… While working at my job, I’ve learned a lot of things. But perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned so far is this:

Grown ass people are a bunch of freaking whiners.

Some people can honestly find something to complain about at all times. Even at 5pm….on a Friday.

I found this shirt and wanted to buy it for my office.


But  that would imply that only ONE person in my office would get it each month and well, that wouldn’t be fair.

So we have an employee satisfaction survey every year and as you can imagine, our scores are not so wonderful.

What was one of our department’s top complaints?

Not enough learning opportunities.

People complained that there isn’t enough money in the budget to attend meetings and conferences so they feel that they don’t have opportunities to learn and grow.  

Now I’ve always been good at math… Here, I’ll show you…

15 Annoying, Bitchy Employees – Common Sense = Me wanting to punch someone in the face

Dudeeee. Do you have any idea how much money it is to send someone to a meeting? To a conference? It’s freaking expensive.  

You see this….


For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a freaking computer. It contains this wonderful thing that most of us couldn’t live without called Google.

In today’s world, how on earth could you look someone in the face and say that there aren’t enough learning opportunities? I mean honestly, ANYTHING you could ever want to learn, you can learn from the Internet. Here you can learn about fishing. Here you can learn how to be an expert farmer. Here you can learn how to become a zookeeper.

The information is out there and successful people are the ones that’ll take advantage of this easy access to knowledge. Gen Y gets this. They understand the value that social media provides to them in terms of learning. You want to become an expert in your field? Read about it. Write about it. Tweet about it.

Finding learning and development opportunities shouldn’t necessarily be the sole responsibility of your manager. If you want to learn a skill, go learn about it. Who’s stopping you? You have any idea how many YouTube videos you can find? You have any idea how many blogs exist? And the best part is—so much of it is FREE!

So please, quit complaining that there aren’t enough opportunities to learn and grow… That’s just ridiculous.

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