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My Crazy, Chaotic, Twentysomething Life

16 Jul
My life right now.

My life right now.

I’ve been anxious all day.

And if I’m honest with myself, I’ve really been anxious for a couple of weeks now. 

And it’s not because I’m crazy…

It’s because every day, in the back of my mind, I keep telling myself, “hey lady! you have to write! you’ve abandoned your blog for a while.” 

And ughhh…I hate it when it gets to that point. 

But I promise you, it’s for good reason. There’s a lot going on in my life right now. 

I started a new job a month ago and I’m really loving it, which means that if I want to learn as much as I can so I can be awesome, it requires a lot of my time. 

So don’t think that I’m just dropping off the face of the earth just yet! 

I’m just having a crazy chaotic moment- and we all have those. 

But I have had the opportunity to write for Elite Daily recently, so if you’re interested, head on over to read my articles! 

What It Was Like to Break the Rules of My Catholic Family and Move in With My Boyfriend

This was a pretty personal post, but it was a story that I really wanted to share. Us twentysomethings feel a tremendous amount of pressure all the time from family, friends, the media, and sometimes, you just have to do what feels right for you. I chose an unconventional path, but there’s not one second I regret it. 

Why You Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Try to Escape From Your 20-Something Life

Another post on the overwhelming nature of our twenties, and how we really ought to embrace the hard times rather than just quitting. 


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Stop Worrying, It’s A Waste

11 Jun

I’m a terrible driver. I could lie and say that I have AMAZING driving skills but I won’t. Instead, I’m telling you straight up—I’m awful.

So for that reason I was on the verge of a panic attack two days ago driving to my boyfriend’s house because there was a HUGE FREAKING STORM.

I mean really, I couldn’t see anything. AT ALL. It was pretty scary. To make matters worse, I was hungry so I needed to get food on the way home unless I wanted to starve and die.

But I didn’t have an umbrella.

So the entire time that I was driving, I was worried. I was trying to logistically coordinate how get food without getting a pneumonia. Pneumonias are not fun.

But I was so busy trying to figure this out that I failed to realize one minor detail…

It wasn’t raining anymore.

The storm had passed and it was incredibly sunny.

As soon as I realized this, I started laughing by myself like a complete idiot.

Here I was stressing out about something that was no longer an issue. And you know what? I think this happens a whole lot.

I think a lot of times we worry about things in the future and more often than not, it’s a complete waste of time.


Because we don’t know what the weather’s going to be like five minutes from now. One minute it’s stormy. The next, it’s sunny. So what’s the use of worrying?

Stop stressing so much about the future. Focus instead on the present. What’s going on in your life RIGHT NOW that has you worried? The stuff that’s going on RIGHT NOW, that’s really all you have control over anyway.

And like the picture at the top of this post says…if there’s stuff that you CAN solve, then there’s no reason to worry. Stop worrying and

And if there’s other stuff that you CAN’T fix, that you CAN’T solve, that you CAN’T do anything about, then why waste your time worrying?

Instead of worrying, set a new goal. Join a club. Discover a new passion. Learn a new language. Go be nice to someone. Read a book.

Because at least those things are productive.

In an environment that’s constantly changing, the best that we can do is to learn to adapt. Learn to be flexible. Learn to embrace change. Worrying about the future isn’t a good use of our time because we don’t know what it’ll be like. The only thing that we do know, is that things will be different. Things will change, they always do.

So rather than strategically planning every aspect of your life and worrying about things you’re not even sure of, spend more time enjoying the present and being open to change. That’ll make your life a lot less stressful.

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